Princess Iman of Jordan Marries Jameel Thermiotis in Epic Royal Wedding (2024)

Princess Iman of Jordan and Jameel Alexander Thermiotis are married!

The 26-year-old daughter of Queen Rania and King Abdullah II of Jordan tied the knot with her financier fiancé in a royal wedding on Sunday.

Princess Iman was walked down the aisle by her older brother, Crown Prince Hussein. Hussein wrote on Instagram along with photos of the ceremony, "Grateful for all the precious memories we share and overjoyed to see you celebrate your wedding today… I wish you, dear Iman and Jameel, a lifetime of blessings and happiness together."

For her special day, the bride wore a bespoke white wedding dress by Dior that featured lace-cuffed long sleeves that matched the gown's neckline. She accessorized her look with a tiara and long veil, which was adorned with flowers.

Thermiotis, 28, wore a three-piece suit with a tie.

Princess Iman of Jordan Borrows Mom Queen Rania's Bridal Belt for Pre-Wedding Henna Party

Princess Iman of Jordan Marries Jameel Thermiotis in Epic Royal Wedding (1)

"Iman, I pray this next chapter in your life brings you as much joy, love, and laughter as you have brought us over the years. Congratulations to the bride and groom!" Queen Rania, 52, wrote on Instagram, posting photos of the nuptials.

The celebration came just one week after the Royal Hashemite Court shared the couple's wedding date with the public.

"The Royal Hashemite Court is pleased to announce that the wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Iman bint Abdullah II and Mr. Jameel Alexander Thermiotis will take place on 12 March 2023," the court said in a statement on social media on March 5, alongside an official engagement photo.

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Queen Rania gave a glimpse into the pre-wedding festivities on her own Instagram feed, from an emotional video montage to pictures from her daughter's henna party.

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"The first time I held my baby girl, I knew my life would never be the same. In a week, she will be a bride. My precious Iman, I am so happy for you and so proud of everything that you are," Queen Rania captioned the clip. The video began with home videos and photos from when Princess Iman was a baby, transitioning to shots of her as a young woman and bride-to-be.

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In footage filmed in a light-filled room, Queen Rania smiled and watched on during what appeared to be a wedding dress fitting for her eldest daughter, with a sweeping tulle veil on the ground.

The clip closed with the first picture of Princess Iman wearing a tiara — Queen Rania's triangular Diamond Tiara.

In another royal repeat, Princess Iman wore the beaded white belt her mom wore when she was a bride to her March 7 henna party. She wore the accessory at the waist over her embellished long-sleeve white gown by Jordanian designer Reema Dahbour. Rania Al-Yassin and then-Prince Abdullah tied the knot on June 10, 1993, and will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this year.

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"So much love in one room! With friends and family at Iman's Henna party yesterday," proud mom Rania captioned an Instagram carousel. The party photos showed Iman and Rania sharing a hug, inhaling incense and smiling with loved ones.

The Arab Weekly reports that the pre-wedding henna party tradition has evolved in Jordan in recent years. What used to be a "sad occasion as the bride prepared to leave her family home" has been reimagined as a shower-like festivity, Jordanian henna artist Naqa' Gharaibeh told the outlet.

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News of Princess Iman's wedding date came eight months after the Royal Hashemite Court announced her engagement to Thermiotis, a New York financier.

"The Royal Hashemite Court is pleased to announce the engagement of Her Royal Highness Princess Iman bint Abdullah II to Mr. Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, on Tuesday, 5 July 2022," wrote the Court, "in the presence of Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, as well as Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, Prince Hashem bin Abdullah II, and Princess Salma bint Abdullah II, in addition to members of Mr. Thermiotis' family."

"The Royal Hashemite Court extends its sincere congratulations to Her Royal Highness Princess Iman and Mr. Thermiotis on this occasion and wishes them a lifetime of happiness," it continued.

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Princess Iman Wears Her First Tiara (from Mom Queen Rania!) Before Her Royal Wedding

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Courtiers released an official engagement photo, where Iman already looked the part of a princess bride in a flowing white dress with an embellished collar. Her diamond solitaire engagement ring was also on display as she affectionately held her fiancé. Princess Iman is the eldest daughter of Queen Rania and King Abdullah, who are also parents to Crown Prince Hussein, 28, Princess Salma, 22, and Prince Hashem, 18.

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Princess Iman graduated from Parson's School of Design in New York with a Bachelor of Business Administration. Thermiotis was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1994 and is of Greek descent, The National said.

This year will especially celebratory for the royal family of Jordan. Crown Prince Hussein is also engaged and set to wed his fiancée, Rajwa Al-Saif, on June 1.

Princess Iman of Jordan Marries Jameel Thermiotis in Epic Royal Wedding (2024)


How did the Prince of Jordan meet his wife? ›

During a previous interview with Vogue Arabia published in May 2023, Crown Prince Hussein gave insight into how his relationship with Princess Rajwa came to be. "I met Rajwa through an old friend from school," he revealed, adding, "I consider myself lucky because it is not every day you meet someone like Rajwa."

Who is Jameel, the husband of Princess Iman? ›

The princess and her husband, Jameel Alexander Thermiotis, read a verse from the Quran after signing the marriage document.

Who attended Jordan Royal wedding? ›

Less than a year later, on 1 June 2023, the couple exchanged vows in a breathtaking royal wedding attended by international royals including the Prince and Princess of Wales, who made an unannounced appearance. Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi were also among the glittering guests.

Who is Thermiotis' family? ›

Thermiotis, whose first name is Dimitrios, or Jimmy, was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1994 to Alexandros Thermiotis and Corina Hernández. He was referred to as Jameel in the official announcement of the couple's wedding because it is the closest Arabic name to Jimmy.

Who was Jordan's first wife? ›

Michael Jordan met his first wife around the time when he was first drafted into the NBA. In 1989, Juanita Vanoy and Jordan exchanged their vows. In an interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, Jordan spoke about why he wanted to marry so early.

Who is the wife of the royal family of Jordan? ›

Rania Al Abdullah (Arabic: رانيا العبد الله, Rāniyā al-ʻAbd Allāh; born Rania Al-Yassin, 31 August 1970) is Queen of Jordan, as the wife of King Abdullah II. Her domestic activities include education initiatives and youth programs.

Who is the Indian lady in the royal family of Jordan? ›

Princess Sarvath El Hassan (born Sarvath Ikramullah on 24 July 1947) is a Jordanian royal and the wife of Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan. She was born in Calcutta on 24 July 1947, to a prominent Muslim family, the Suhrawardy family of the Indian subcontinent.

Who did Jordan Prince marry? ›

Princess Rajwa Al Hussein (Arabic: رجوة الحسين; born Rajwa Al Saif; 28 April 1994) is a Saudi member of the Jordanian royal family. She is married to Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, heir apparent to the Jordanian throne.

Did the king of Jordan marry an American woman? ›

Queen Noor (born August 23, 1951, Washington, D.C., U.S.) is an American-born architect who was the consort (1978–99) of King Hussein of Jordan. (Read Queen Noor's Britannica essay on land mines.) Born into a prominent Arab American family, Halaby was raised in an atmosphere of affluence.

Who is Jameel Alejandro Thermiotis? ›

he's a successful financier in NYC

Thermiotis graduated in 2015 with a specialisation in Business Administration and Business from Florida International University, which set him up for his future career in finance.

What religion is Princess Iman's husband? ›

He converted to Islam

According to Semana magazine, "in order to marry the second daughter of the King and Queen of Jordan, the businessman had to convert to Islam, which is why he changed his name to Jameel."

Who walked Princess Iman down the aisle? ›

Here comes the bride! On Sunday evening, Princess Iman of Jordan walked down the outdoor, tree-lined aisle with her older brother, Crown Prince Hussein, at her royal wedding in Amman, Jordan.

How did Jordan Smith meet his wife? ›

Shortly after winning his season of The Voice, Smith popped the question with a romantic New Year's Day proposal in Boston. “We just got along so great and it was a perfect fit,” Smith said earlier this year about meeting his future wife – a speech language pathologist – at summer camp more than four years ago.

How did Rania and Abdullah meet? ›

In her early professional career Rania worked in the fields of banking and information technology. In January 1993 she met Abdullah, then a prince, at a dinner party, and they were engaged two months later.

How many wives does the king of Jordan have? ›

King Abdullah II has 1 wife. The stunning Queen Rania of Jordan. They married in 1993.

How tall was the king of Jordan? ›

Abdullah II of Jordan Info
Date of BirthJan 30, 1962
SpouseRania Al Abdullah (m. 1993)
Weight70 KG
Height5 feet 7 inches
14 more rows

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