All-Time Top Battlers (Most Battle Points) (2024)

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All-Time Top Battlers (Most Battle Points)

The Global Top Battlers Leaderboard (also called the Battle Points Leaderboard) is one of the 62 leaderboards in the game. This leaderboard shows how many battle points players have collected over time. It shows 10 leaderboard positions at one time. The player can scroll down the leaderboard to see more players, all the way to the 100th place. Only legitimate players appear on the leaderboards for lengths of time (hackers/exploiters will be removed). Battle points are collected from certain mobs in the game.

If the player steps on the white pad in front of it, the message, "You have x Battle Points", x being the number of battle points, will appear.


It is located on the yellow platform, besides Panda Bear, in front of the Bamboo Field, and behind the Blue Flower Field.


August 10, 2019MunkNull was the first player, excluding hackers/exploiters, who obtained a total of 1 million battle points.
September–November, 2020Sugarsmacks12 was the first player who obtained a total of 2 million battle points.
September–October, 2021Penangwen was the first player who obtained a total of 3 million battle points.
September–October, 2022Penangwen was the first player who obtained a total of 4 million battle points.
July 26, 2023Penangwen was the first player who obtained a total of 5 million battle points.


  • It is one of the two leaderboards to be in the game in its release, the other being the Global Top Honeymakers Leaderboard.
  • Sugarsmacks12 was the number 1 person in the global top battlers for 3 years before being dethroned. It is the longest-sustaining of the number one spot in all of the leaderboards in the game.
  • Bubble Bee Man used to be located behind this leaderboard before being moved to the 30 Bee Zone in the Beesmas 2019 update.
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All-Time Top Battlers (Most Battle Points) (2024)


How many points do you need for top 200 in squad battles? ›

Elite is many times only around 50,000 points and to get into top 200 you need around 100,000 points. Elite 1 is top 3%.

How do you maximize squad battle points? ›

Maximizing Points in Squad Battles

In order to maximize your points in NHL 24 Squad Battles, it is important to play every single game from Wednesday to Monday. This will ensure that you earn the maximum amount of points possible. Playing on Superstar difficulty is also crucial as it increases the points earned.

Why do I get 0 points in squad battles? ›

The reason your getting 0 points is that you've played all 32 games.

Why am I not getting points in Squad Battles FIFA 23? ›

Every week, you can play up to 42 matches against other FUT teams to rank up to gain Battle Points. After that, you can't gain any more Battle Points for the rest of the week. As you continue to play more matches and climb higher in rank, your rewards stack up throughout the week.

How many points do you need to get elite 3? ›

Minimum Points Required list
Elite 143,934
Elite 235,040
Elite 327,582
Gold 117,219
9 more rows

How many squad battle points do you need for elite 2? ›

Squad Battles rewards list
RankAverage Points Required
Elite 140,000
Elite 227,000
Elite 320,000
Gold 112,000
9 more rows
Oct 7, 2022

Are squad battles 4 minutes? ›

four minutes per half, not two minutes per half.

Can you replay squad battles for points? ›

You can replay Featured Squads to improve your score. Team of the Week (TOTW) Squads function like a Featured Squad. Each week you'll be able to compete against the TOTW to earn Battle Points. The number of Battle Points you earn is based on whether you win or lose and the difficulty of the match.

Why do my squad battle points go down? ›

Your rank in Squad Battles is fluid. This means that when you're not playing, you're able to lose rank as others keep playing and surpass yours. That pushes your rank down. If you want to keep the rank you have, you'll need to keep playing.

Why am i not getting xp in squad battles? ›

You only gain XP in FUT when you complete an objective, if you didn't complete an objective in the match you won't get any XP at the end, only coins and points for Squad Battles/Division Rivals.

Do you get rewards for every rank in squad battles? ›

Just as before, your Squad Battle rewards are determined by your rank. The exact number of points you'll need for each rank constantly changes throughout the week. For reference, in the first season, you needed around 10,000 for Gold 3 and about 30,000 for Elite 3.

Do you have to play all 40 games in squad battles? ›

Once you've played your first 40 competition matches for the week, any other matches you play that week will not earn you Battle Points. Featured Squad Battles don't use these formulas. However, you can find out how Battle Points are awarded for those Squads further down in this article.

How to maximize squad battle points? ›

If you have a low-rated squad, it's recommended that you choose a higher difficulty level, such as Legendary or World-Class. Doing this will earn more points per match, even if you lose the game. However, if you're playing against a highly-rated squad, choosing a lower difficulty level, such as Professional, is best.

How are squad battle points calculated? ›

You earn them playing matches. There are only two match results possible on Squad Battles: you win, and you get 200 points, or you lose, and you get 50 points. Each goal you score gives you a different amount of battle points based on the difficulty level you choose.

How many points do you need for gold 3 squad battles? ›

The exact number of points you'll need for each rank constantly changes throughout the week. For reference, in the first season, you needed around 10,000 for Gold 3 and about 30,000 for Elite 3. With 32 games (and two extra against features squads), you'll need to be averaging around 900 points per game to hit Elite.

How many points do you get for losing on Ultimate Squad battles? ›

This only applies in a Squad Battles Match that you lose. This value is different if you win or lose. Since this formula is for a loss, this value will be 50.

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